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    Caliper - Statistical Classifications in a Linked Open World
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    Caliper is a platform to serve statistical classifications in open formats, following the publication style of Linked Open Data (LOD).

    In this approach, statistical classifications are converted into RDF resources and modelled according to current best practices for LOD. The advantages of using LOD is to have a uniform modelling style for all classifications, which ensures that they can be exchanged with no loss of meaning, and hence served by a variety of tools supporting RDF, an open and standard language. In this way, Caliper aims at promoting the interoperability of classifications across information systems, and transparency for human users who can freely search and browse classifications. 

    CREDITS: Caliper was originally developed thanks to a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). The University of Tor Vergata (Rome, Italy) provides technical and scientific support.